What to look for when buying bed sheets?


If you have toast and turned from a night under a creased and uncomfortable sheet, you will be well aware of how vital the right material can be. However, there is no hard and fast rule that which fabric material is better for which person and it is all a matter of personal choice of the user, but there are some standard features that every fabric shares.

Knowing these features will help you choose the most comfortable and suitable one. So you are the one between you and your comfort, so why not choose the best and make your bed appealing enough you cannot wait to crawl into? Here is a list of what you should look for while buying bed sheets.


1-Fiber content

The fiber content refers to the fabric material of your bedsheets. First of all, check the label to see what the sheets are actually made from. Whether it’s cotton, linen, silk, or polyester or if any blended fibers are used in the manufacturing. 

100% cotton is always an excellent choice because it is incredible, soft, durable, and affordable. But when you compare its features with Egyptian cotton, Egyptian cotton stands out for its more beautiful threads, extra-long staples, and higher thread count. Do not mix Egyptian cotton with ordinary cloth because both of these are obtained from different plants and offer distinctive features. The downside of Egyptian cotton can be its cost.

As you have to trust the seller in case of Egyptian cotton, it is very likely for him to mislead you to earn a few extra dollars. If you are just the beginner and do not have enough knowledge of fibers and how do you determine their quality we will recommend you to go for polyester and cotton blended bed sheets instead of investing in Egyptian cotton. Poly cotton someone offers a synthetic field, but it is inexpensive, soft, durable, and anti-wrinkle.

2-Thread count

It is defined as the number of threads woven in one square inch of the fabric. The price of the material increases with the increase in its thread count. Also, the higher thread counts, the thick and dense the material will be. Normally you should go for 350 above accounts for buying good quality bed sheets because anything under 350 is not worth investing in. If you want to invest in premium quality Sheets you can go for 600 to 800 count. Keep in mind that not all the fabrics can be measured on the same thread count scale.

Also, some fiber like silk, flannel, and bamboo does not have thread count and are measured based on their weight (ounce per yard or grams per square inches).

3-Check the size

Bed sheets are usually available in all the standard sizes. But it is imperative to have the precise measurements in hand to buy the size that goes well on the bed and do not cause ill-fitting. So before you buy, please measure the size of your mattress, including its length, width, and thickness. Always by 3 to 4 inches extra favorite to ensure that you have in fabric to cover the bed from all sides.

4-Check the return policy

Checking the return policy is essential does not matter if you are buying online or offline. It is because if you are trying on some new fabrics, you are very unlikely to predict how you will feel on them. So knowing return policy will help you know whether you can replace it or return it in case you find it uncomfortable. Some trends offer internet sales nowadays and allow you to make returns for any reason, even up to a few months and weeks of the purchase.

5-The store you are buying from

We do not recommend you to purchase from new stores or brands if you do not have enough knowledge about them. But if you want to try some new stores that deal with bedsheets, ask your friends and family for the recommendation or search for the best stores near you on the internet. Shortlist the suggestions and visit the top stores to ensure that you invest in the right sheets manufactured from some reliable manufacturers.

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