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A guide to choosing small double bed sheets for your kids.

A guide to choosing small double bed sheets for your kids
A guide to choosing small double bed sheets for your kids

The transition from baby cot to bed is exciting for your child. Baby cots are usually stuffed and ready-to-use. You do not have to care, for they appreciate all the insert material, but as soon as your kid shifts to a bed, you have to wait very cautiously about the bed size and every bedding element to ensure that your kid gets a comfortable space.

Small double beds are used for children under 12 years. They are 4 x 4 in size, which is ideal for which age group. Looking out for essential bedding elements will help in anticipating the perfectly soft and comfortable space. Second to mattresses and pillows, small double bed sheets play a crucial role in determining the sleep quality of your child and how he is likely to feel in the bed.

Choosing the right quality small double bed sheets is essential because your little one requires a sound sleep for healthy and happy growth. You can wrap your little one in the sweetest of dreams by providing him with luxurious and beautiful bed sheets. The market is exploding with designs and concepts that allow you to create a unique space for kids.

 Based upon the gender of your child and his likes and dislikes, you can launch a new bedroom decor. But before you do talk to your child, enquire him what and how he wants to add in his place. Inquiring this at a very young age will make your child think more creatively and become responsible for his bedding. The following are some popular styles when it comes to small double bed sheets.


for kids who like soft and neutral designs, parents should go for classic patterns such as floral, paisley, and gingham. This will complement the sophisticated personality of your kid and make him feel more comfortable and relaxed in the bedroom.


if your child readily adopts the new habits, get him a new bedsheet with some bold stripes and bright colors. This will forget a vivacious and enchanted look; moreover, it will always keep your child in high energy and active.


some children like to design their bedrooms according to a theme. This theme can be inspired by one of their favorite animated characters or superheroes. The best way to create a themed bedroom is to put on the bed sheet with their favorite character printed on it and complement it with a simple topper. Add a bit of the character to the walls and some other parts of the room to coordinate the whole look.

Best fabric materials for kids bed sheets.

Kids have sensitive skin, which is prone to allergies. Therefore you should choose the fibers with minimal chemical percentage for them. For this reason, many synthetic materials are not recommended because they not only contain a large proportion of chemicals but also offer less breathability and are prone to heating up. So, before we discuss the features of the suitable material, bear in mind that you are not supposed to buy any synthetic fabric for your kid. Here is what you can consider small double bed sheets…


cotton is the most popular fabric used for making bed sheets and other bedding items and for a good reason. It is soft, durable, breathable, and easy to care for. Moreover, it is readily available at affordable prices. You can find various types of cotton that offer you a wide range to choose the fabric from. All of these types possess characteristic features which are described below.

Egyptian cotton:

it is the most luxurious variety. It is handpicked and contains minimal chemicals. Egyptian cotton offers long staples and higher thread count, which helps to create the softest smoothest sheets ever. The only downside of Egyptian cotton is that it is expensive compared with other types of cloth.

Pima cotton:

it is also famous for its softness and natural feel. Pima cotton offers medium-length fibers, which are ideal for making kids bedding. It is soft, breathable, and durable. Moreover, it is not chemically treated commonly, which makes it a perfect choice for your child.


upland cotton can be typically found in various parts of the is not as soft as the two types described above but can be used for small double bed sheets. It will wick away the moisture and help your child sleep comfortably. But keep in mind that if your kid has susceptible skin, you should not go for upland cotton as it can result in rashes and redness.

Combed cotton:

it refers to the fabric which contains long fibers only. The word comb refers to the removal of all the short fibers during the manufacturing process. This makes the sheets soft, smooth, and comfortable.

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